Friday, April 06, 2007

Just oaking around

Well, yesterday I linked to a story about Keith Richards snorting his dead father's ashes with some cocaine. Apparently, it was just an April Fool's Joke:

"It was an off-the-cuff remark, a joke, and it is not true. File under April Fool's joke," said Bernard Doherty, a Rolling Stones spokesman, about Richards' quote in NME magazine...

...In a statement posted on the Rolling Stones Web site, Richards said: "The complete story is lost in the usual slanting! The truth of the matter is that I planted a sturdy English Oak. I took the lid off the box of ashes and he is now growing oak trees and would love me for it!!! I was trying to say how tight Bert and I were. That tight!!! I wouldn't take cocaine at this point in my life unless I wished to commit suicide."

However, it says a lot about Keef's reputation that people took this at face value.