Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Never too old to rock

So I just got back from the Evanescence concert in Toronto. I had a great time. We had pretty good seats considering we were in the bleachers at the Air Canada Centre.

There was some indie band as the first opener--Black Mary or something like that. I didn't really hear much of them. The other opener was Stone Sour, also known as "the guy from Slipknot's other band". They rocked pretty hard. I'm glad that it's okay for guitarists to play fast solos again, and for drummers to use double-bass drums. Corey Taylor is a pretty vulgar but friendly frontman, eliciting many laughs and screams of support from the audience.

Then Evanescence took the stage. Amy Lee and the boys rocked as usual, though we noticed her voice was sounding strained near the end of the set. Well, I think this was a longer set than when my sister and I saw them at Koolhaus back in October. Other than a few more songs and much cooler lighting effects, the sets were pretty close in content. But Amy, darling, if you're going to play 90-minute sets for the whole tour, you have to start writing songs with longer instrumental sections. I know you have a powerful and versatile voice, but if you don't take care of it, you'll lose it.

Here's a pastiche of several clips of Evanescence live, backed by their breakthrough hit, "Bring Me to Life" (I'm fairly certain it's the studio recording of the song):