Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My friend Dave T has come up with a fun party game. Rather than try and explain it, I'll just post our chat last night here:

9:49 PM
me: hey tig
Dave: Hey Joe. What's up?
me: not much, etes-vous?
Dave: I created a game which is quite funny
9:50 PM
me: what is it?
9:51 PM
Dave: Basically, you take famous quotes/song titles, and change every word in the quote or title to a synonym of the word. An example: Your Father has an entirely unused sac
(Papa's got a brand new bag)
me: lemme try:
9:52 PM
mentally disturbed locomotive
(Crazy Train)
Dave: Exactly. Except the other people have to guess what it is
Emmanuel Show-stopper
9:53 PM
me: this is just song titles?
Dave: Well, it can be song titles, famous sayings, etc
Book titles
9:54 PM
me: I want to say, God-something
God curtain?
Dave: Jesus Christ, Superstar
me: good one
9:55 PM
Dave: 8.12403840463596
9:56 PM
me: Square root of love?
Dave: Route (root) 66
Ben and I were laughing ourselves silly
9:57 PM
me: LOL
Dave: Adam was coming up with some really good ones yesterday
9:58 PM
I had one that went something like "My Olfactory sense detects heightened adolenscent glandular activity"
me: smells like teen spirit
Dave: Yes!
So, that's what I've been doing in between shifts of Census work
9:59 PM me:
lemme try one
I'll start easy
Homo Ferrum
Man on the run?
Iron Man
Good one
Did I get it?
me: iron man it is
10:01 PM
Dave: What was the old term for Mississippi river?
Or maybe just mississippi
me: the Mississippi sea?
Dave: It was Novus something
me: Lepidoptera and cyclones
10:02 PM
Dave: Butterflies and Hurricanes
me: bingo
Dave: Someone's got Muse on the brain
Ghenna Gap
me: Hellhole!
10:03 PM
Dave: Yup
me: Inferno's Peal
Dave: Ring of Fire?
(actually, his might be a better answer than mine)
me: nope
10:04 PM
Dave: Blazing Thunder
me: hell's bells
Dave: Ah... VERY good
10:05 PM
A great older male has perished
10:06 PM
me: hmm...
10:07 PM
I give up
Dave: Superman is Dead
Try this one: Baron of the Boulevard
me: King of the Road
Dave: Yup
10:08 PM AKA Dictator of the Drive
Or Emporer of the Close
oops, Emperor
10:09 PM
"It is impossible for me to attain negative fulfilment"
10:10 PM
me: I can't get no satisfaction
Dave: lol
It's a good thing they didn't name songs like that in the 50's
10:11 PM
me: Guilty of assassinating the head of the local constabulary
Dave: I Shot the Sherrif
me: yup
Dave: Oh man, we should publish this game
Even if it's not very good, at least it'll sell a thousand copies to bars
PM me: "Remain here or move on. Decisions, decisions."
Dave: Should I stay or should I go
me: yes
10:13 PM
Dave: Underwear, Underwear, Positive positive positive
10:14 PM
Gitchy Gitchy Yeah yeah yeah
me: ha ha
Dave: (it's probably not the name of the song, but oh well)
me: it's not, but oh well

me: A certain individual of the fairer sex has disabled my ocular faculties via experimental methodologies
Dave: Hmm...
Blind to her love...
I got nothing
What is it?
me: She blinded me...with Science!