Thursday, March 08, 2007

A few words on an important subject

Today is International Women's Day and Blog Against Sexism Day. I'm finding it difficult to write something in support of it. It's hard to write about something I've never really experienced. It's true that society imposes expectations on men as well, but these hardly compare to the restrictive expectations society still imposes (or tries to impose) on women. I feel presumptuous for even trying to talk about sexism from a platform of male privilege (and white straight male privilege at that).

So I'll just summarize my thoughts below:

I wish for a day when the whole world values its daughters as much as its sons.

I wish for a day when everyone is able to rise to the upper limits of their talents and aptitudes without regard for their sex.

I wish for a day when loud-mouthed morons stop blaming female sexuality for the problems of the world so we can actually work on solving the world's problems.

Karen Healey of Girls Read Comics--And They're Pissed! sheds light on an oft-neglected battleground in the war against sexism.