Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Compare and Contrast:

Finland's power-metal conquerors, Nightwish, performing "Nemo":

America's baroque-pop darlings, Evanescence, with "Lithium":

  • Video set in snowy landscape
  • Heavy, distorted guitar riffs and thundering drums backed by piano and strings
  • Female singer fronting heavy rock band (Tarja Turenen of Nightwish; Amy Lee of Evanescence)
  • Singer ends up immersed in water in this video
  • Singer known for:
    • Long, black hair
    • Snow white skin
    • Trained, melodious voice in a rock/metal context
    • Unique, period-inspired outfits
    • Massive falling out with co-founder(s) of band (Ben Moody left Evanescence; Tarja Turenen was fired from Nightwish)