Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Not your great-great-great-grandfather's Inferno

Dave and I discussing a modern Dante over MSN:
-Do you know who is on the lowest circle of Hell?
-Judas Iscariot
-The three great traitors who are being ever devoured by Satan? Right...
-I forget the other 2...Brutus
-Brutus, and another betrayer of Ceasar. Caius I think
-That's it
-Satan's crying in Hell? I didn't know that
-I would
-If I was surrounded by allusions to 13th century Italian politics for eternity, I guess I would too
-Heh. "And here is Iolo! We all know why *he's* here!"...Wha...?
-"No, I don't"
-"And who else do we find in the garden of liars? Why, it's old Rigato Belinni! Remember him?"
-"who the fuck are these people?"
-Hah! Priceless
-Maybe someone should write a modern Inferno..."And look around the Food Court of Liars--look, it's Jean Chretien, having a big bowl of 'I will eliminate the GST' poutine!"
-Maybe someone *should*
-"George W. Bush is still looking for WMDs and Al-Qaeda operatives in that Iraq souffle"
-Hah! You're killing me!
-"Stephen Harper serving us Conservative Cake. What beautiful frosting. Oh, but scrape those empty calories off and there's a whole load of homophobic, racist Alliance fruitcake underneath!"
-Dude. You should write this down.
-I'll put it in my blog